What Are The Courses Needed To Become An Engineer?



We have an eight-person engineering team and over 100 million users. That’s more than 12 million users per engineer! Everything you build will make an immediate impact on millions of people.

Some of the problems wikiHow engineers are working on:

  • Building user-facing features for our volunteer editing community that are fun enough to gather mass usage, while simultaneously making sure the output of the work produces high-quality educational information. It’s easy to get people to upload funny cat memes on the Web; the real challenge comes when you want them to create and curate the world’s best instructional content.
  • Creating features to bring in new content contributors. To keep growing and achieve our goals, we solve how to enable contributors from mobile devices, as well as continuing to gain new desktop community members.
  • Scaling, scaling, scaling. We get more users before 10 AM than most start-ups will get in their entire existence.
  • Big data. Lots of usage creates lots of data that we work with to further improve our products.
  • Mobile and tablets. The majority of wikiHow users will soon be on portable devices, but they don’t practice typical behavior patterns. We are rethinking wikis and collaboratively created content for the mobile era.
  • Reader delight features. Better software means happier readers. We’re inventing new ways to make learning pleasant and more efficient.
  • Your awesome idea! We value our employees' ideas and opinions, and most of our projects originate from people on the team.

Our stack:

PHP, MediaWiki, MySQL, Bash, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Python, C++, Memcache, Varnish, Nginx, Linux, iOS, Android. This is a partial list, because we also explore and test new technologies.

Video: What Do You Do In Structural Engineering?

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