Omotoso trial continues

The Trial Continues

The father of Madonna's baby says he wants little David back

Madonna’s baby trial continued this weekend with the father of little David claiming he never intended for the singer to adopt his child.Despite saying in previous interviews he was ‘delighted’ about his son’s change in fortunes, 32-year-old Yohane Banda told reporters yesterday: ‘Had they told us that Madonna wanted to adopt my son and make him her own son, we would not have agreed to that. It would have been better for him to continue staying at the orphanage because I see no reason why my child should be given away for ever when I can feed him. I cannot read and write so I relied on what the officials told me.’ Banda claims that when he signed the adoption papers he didn’t realise it meant David would be taken away forever, and that officials told him Madonna and her husband, Guy Richie, would simply raise him until he left school. Banda’s comments are the latest in a long line of criticisms that have been levelled at Madonna since her intention to adopt became public. Colleen Harris, a director at the Commission for Racial Equality, wrote in an article for theMail on Sundaythat her actions were ‘little more than highly publicised child trafficking’.

Video: [CAUTION: GRAPHIC DETAILS] Omotoso trial | Cherly Zondi's cross-examination continues

The Trial Continues
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