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The only reason I placed a 1 star is because there is no choice for no stars. The employees and even the managers at this place have no customer service whatsoever. I made reservations for this restaurant because I was in Los Angeles celebrating my bachelorette and when we arrived we were told that one of my friends in the group could not come in because he was wearing shorts. The hostess suggested to go across the street to buy pants, so off he went. We were sat down and our server begins with trying to get us to order drinks, I wanted to wait for my entire bridal party to be at the table before we order, so we told him that we would be another minute. He began to let us know that the allotted time for a table is 2 hours. He didnt need to go into that because I was well aware. He comes back a second time to ask us to order and mentions again that we should place an order for food or drinks before the 2 hours are up. He was definitely rushing us, so we ordered drinks and an appetizer to get him off our backs. My friend returns from the mall and then the bouncer outside says that he's still not allowed in because he has sandals on. Why was this never mentioned when the hostess looked him up and down? He begins to argue, so my friend asks to speak to the manager. The manager never shows up and after waiting maybe 15 minutes, the hostess says its okay nice desserts 2018 ( photo ) for my friend to go in. Well, my friend decided to go eat elsewhere because of the way he was treated and the rest of us stay to eat. As we waited for the food to come out we notice 2 guys with baseball caps and one wearing a sleazy trucker hat. So hats are okay, but not sandals? Makes no sense at all. Our server then whispered into another servers ear and suddenly they switched. They made no attempt to apologize or even regard us as a table. The manager stopped by towards the end to very quickly say, "is everything ok?" but began to walk away quickly.

The food was great though.

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