New design computer table 2018

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Featuring 80 double-sided cards, the UX Kits Wireframe card deck lets you build and experiment with interfaces and wireframes simply by arranging cards to form layouts,…

,,, 10/12/2018

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There’s something about the EXOvault Mouse that just commands your attention, unconventional and simply alluring, the mouse comes with a steampunk aesthetic, featuring a hardwood body…

,,,, 10/12/2018

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Did I make you yawn?! Sometimes just seeing the word is all it takes to trick us into making the universal expression for “I’m sleepy.” Inspired…

, 10/12/2018

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The microphone takes inspiration from a phenomenon known as cymatics in which sound vibrations creates waves in a substance. The visual waves, seen in fine grains…

, 10/12/2018

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Keeping secrets in the tech biz is growing increasingly difficult. With new products being leaked (even sold!) days or months before releases, oftentimes an avid consumer…

,, 10/12/2018

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In schools and colleges, there is one vital item of equipment that is yet to see an update, as its form has remained unchanged for years….

, 10/12/2018

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Tea-time – Tea Steeper Design by Pengtao Yu

I am in love with the Tea-time tea steeper for its intuitive design and simplistic interaction between tea leaves, water and steeping time! A flipping action,…

,,, 08/04/2011

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We’ve covered our fair share of watches at YD, and as a design website, a lot of it doesn’t boil down to feature lists, but to…

,,,,, 10/11/2018

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On paper, Holden’s Time Attack concept, built for the 50th anniversary of their first ever Bathurst 1000 victory, has the fastest acceleration in the world. With…

, 10/11/2018

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My disdain for medical products that look ‘clinical’ isn’t really a secret. I’ve been openly critical of medical products that put function above aesthetics, because healing…

, 10/11/2018

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Believe it or not, out of all the super-companies, Samsung was the first to launch its Gear Smart Watch. Most people believe the reason behind this…

,,, 08/03/2015

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With Pixel’s launch just two days back, it’s pretty evident that the war for phone cameras is clearly between two brands. Apple and Google. As much…

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Designer Bendegúz Asztalos’ vision for an all-new Mercedes Unimog vehicle is specially adapted for something close to home. Inspired by his family’s small vineyard in in…

, 10/11/2018

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The latest in a history of collaborations between the designers at LAYER and tech brand nolii, the aptly named Rise lamp aims to make each day…

, 10/11/2018

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Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in May 2018….

,,,, 06/04/2018

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Workplaces have the potential of being dreary, uninspiring and potentially boring environments, but this can quickly be turned around with the introduction of a little fun!…

, 10/11/2018

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Here are a couple of features I look for in a travel pillow. They need to be A. comfortable, B. compact, C. effortless to set-up, and…

,,,, 10/10/2018

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The name Mouseper, a portmanteau of the words Mouse and Whisper, isn’t the most creative, quirky thing about this mouse, because unlike most other mice (or…

,, 10/10/2018

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Now here’s some tech I will happily rally behind. Elegant and life-saving (or even property-saving), this is the Sound Grenade+. Created by B A S U…

,,,,,, 07/27/2017

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While inclusive design would most ideally be about taking into consideration users of every walk of life, of every culture, race, economic status, whether they’re healthy…

,, 10/10/2018

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You call it a hoverbike, I call it a one-manned personal drone, because that’s what the Scorpion 3 or the S3 looks like. With four propellers…

,, 10/10/2018

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09 JB After Contract

It is an amazing feeling to get accepted at that coveted company after all the hard work and turmoil of interviews and design exercises. In that…


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I envision a day when instruments like these will be a part of every home. With the way we humans have systematically degraded the quality of…

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Normally, I don’t delve into covering products that I’d have to rob a bank to afford unless it’s a luxury car, but the Bovet Récital 22…

,,,, 10/10/2018

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