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making the cut vidal sassoon


The big dogs are moving into the hairstyling reality TV craze. TLC announced that the new reality TV show, Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon will air its premier episode on May 18th. If making the cut vidal sassoon 2019 you’re counting that makes four hairstyling related reality TV series to be announced recently. Quite frankly that is too many even for a hairstyling junkie like me to keep up with.

The other three began airing a few weeks ago and appear to me to appeal to the hairstyling industry insiders. Shear Genius being the best of them and I have been blogging about each episode on my new domain. “Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon will be much
more valuable for the average woman” But quite honestly there has not been much to learn for the average woman on the street. Fun entertainment for those of us in the profession.

But this one may make it into a much more mainstream audience. My guess this will be produced in a way that it will appeal to any woman, not just those from the trade. The name Vidal Sassoon is a more recognized, brand and TLC is a more mainstream network than the others.

If TLC and Vidal Sassoon put their marketing and branding muscle behind Making the Cut Vidal Sassoon, we’ll all get tired of hearing about the show.

Overall I think the competition will only enhance all four shows. If these types of shows begin to draw a mainstream audience of women. Next season, you’ll see programs that will be much more valuable for the average woman. In the meantime if you’re interested in hair, here is the list.

  • Tease – The Oxygen Network

  • Split Ends – The Style Network

  • Shear Genius – Bravo


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