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Costumes of Nepal: Dresses of Nepal: Nepalese Costumes

This post is about costumes of Nepal. We give you some information about dresses of Nepal or Nepalese costumes. What people wear in Nepal? What is Nepali dresses? What do the people in Nepal wear? What is regarded the national dresses of Nepal? Some names are enlisted from Traditional Nepali clothes.

Nepali Dresses, Traditional dresses of Nepal.

National costumes of Nepal are really good and attractive different from other countries. Costumes of Nepal are most beautiful and meaningful than others. The custom, family, food and clothing and other traditional rites and rituals of Nepalese people are associated with the economic condition, cultural environment and geographical diversity of the country. The lifestyles are different in different places due to geographical diversity, religion and language. Cultural diversity can be observed in the birth, death and marriage among different communities. Join family system is very popular in Nepal. There are many examples where three or four generations live in a large family. It is also found that the nuclear family has been getting popularity in urban areas since long.

Picture of Traditional Nepali clothes

Costumes of Nepal, Nepali Dresses, Dresses of Nepal, Nepali Costumes, Nepal Dresses, Nepal Costumes, Traditional dresses of Nepal. Image

The clothes are used according to their geographical belt in Nepal. People of the mountain belt wear thick and long woolen clothes called Bakku and Docha. The people of the hilly region wear Kachhar, Bhoto and cap. The Terai people wear Dhoti and long shirt called Kurta. The Mayalposh Suruwal, coat and cap are the national dress of Nepalese people. Fariya (sari) and Cholo (Blouse) are popular among the Terai females. Women wear the dresses also Patuka and Shawl called Panchhyyaura. Besides our national attire, people use western dresses and clothes, too in Nepal.


Different dresses worn in the different ecological belts. Nepali dresses of different parts of Nepal. Traditional Nepali clothes

Costumes of Nepal, Nepali Dresses, Dresses of Nepal, Nepali dress, Nepal Dresses, Nepal Costumes, Traditional dresses of Nepal, National dresses of Nepal. Image
Nepali dresses according the geographically
Costumes (Males) Costumes (Female) Terai Dhoti, Kamij, Kurta, Bhangua and Jhuluwa, Ghamchha Gunyu, Cholo, Blouse Hill Daura, Suruwal, Patuka, Bhoto, Topi, Coat, Pheta Ghalek (Gurung), Patasi (Newar), Pasmina, Dhoti Cholo, Majestro, Kurta and Salawar Mountain Bakkhu, Docha, Shyamhu, Lukani Bakkhu, Dochha, Pangen.

 Costumes of Nepal: Dresses of Nepal: Nepalese Costumes


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