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How to Not Be a Snob

Have you ever in your life been called a "snob" before? Have you ever blatantly looked down on other individuals and regarded them as inferior and are not better than you? Are you full of yourself? Being a snob simply refers to one who displays an air of condescending superiority with the belief that they are of a higher status than other people, and snobbish people believe that placing others before you is weak, which can be hurtful. Read on the following wikiHow article on how to not be a snob.


  1. Ask yourself, "Why am I this way?Do I like being this way?" Contemplate hard on whether you think that you are full of yourself, or that you really are the greatest person in the whole world, judging by your opinion. In order for you to understand why you choose to rudely rebuff others and think of them as nothing compared to yourself, also ask yourself, "How would I feel if someone displayed my actions towards me? Would I enjoy it? Is it my goal to be the most special person?"
  2. Don't be self-centered.Snobbish people tend to be selfish, with only deep care for themselves and not for others. You must be generous and kind to others, and don't ever hesitate to seize the opportunity of treating everyone with respect and kindness, because benevolence can be rewarded by people treating you with respect, as well. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat people the way you want to be treated. Always be willing to be nice.
  3. Be humble.As an individual, acknowledge that you can't be pretentious and arrogant, which is a certain characteristic that snobs possess. If you constantly boast about how fantastic of a person you are, it affects other people by them not feeling great about themselves, and it shatters their self-esteem. Be modest and admit your insecurities, which will build your self-confidence and be beneficial for others, as you place yourself before them.
  4. Be happily sociable.Snobs shun themselves from interacting with other individuals, due to them labeling them as "low-class". Refrain from being antisocial and willingly talk and spend time with people, whether they're causal acquaintances, best friends, co-workers, or even elders. Make new friends, even if they're older or younger than you. Otherwise, don't isolate yourself.
  5. Be polite and courteous.Snobs tend to be rude. Avoid giving someone a vibe that tells them, "I hate you," or "I don't want to talk to you." You must respond to people's questions, smile at people when you firmly shake hands with them, and greet people politely.
  6. Maintain a positive attitude most of the time.Snobs never hesitate to complain and make things go their way. Instead, avoid griping and keep a smile on your face. Know that if you're having a good attitude, people feel comfortable around you.
  7. Dress modestly.Snobs tend to dress in such revealing clothing as too-short shorts and revealing skirts, which is not only extremely unladylike, but it also reflects upon you not having self-respect. Know the difference between "sexy" and "slutty" and choose to wear attire that is appropriate for your body type and does not show unwanted areas.
  8. Be helpful.Snobby individuals tend to deliberately choose to not help others when they need it. Instead of turning away from someone who is need of assistance, do the right thing and help them, whether your friend accidentally spilled a pile of books, your grandmother needs help crossing the street, or your father needs help carrying heavy boxes. Being of help towards others assures them that you truly care about them, so go for it!
  9. Be yourself.Snobs can be nothing but wannabes and/or posers either to be more popular or simply to attract all of the attention to themselves. Refrain from copying and posing yourself as other individuals, and know that you're your own person and uniquely you. Let the inner you shine through!

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  • Try to pay people more compliments. Don't just rattle on about how great you are.
  • Deeply grasp the fact that there are some individuals in the world who cannot do the things that you can do, because some people cannot walk, read as well as you, or even speak. Try displaying the utmost respect you can imply towards those people, because they certainly need it as much as you do.
  • Most snobs tend to be insecure people. If you're in the middle of a conversation with other people, try not to change the subject about you all the time. Let other people speak about their affairs, and you'll look less snobby.
  • Listen to what people have to say when they speak, as they would definitely appreciate that.
  • When at school or at home, try avoid correcting people in a condescending, snobbish manner, whether their grammar was incorrect or they accidentally say the wrong thing. It's okay to kindly and respectfully correct them, but don't correct them boastfully as if you're better than them, or else you'll appear snobbish.


  • Don't become too altruistic. It's important to care about other people other than yourself, but still know that you should care for yourself as well in order for you to reach success in your life.
  • Avoid gossiping, insulting, or slandering, because you shouldn't bash others just to fulfill your own happiness or content.
  • So-called "popular" snobby people may look down on you and label you as a "loser". If this occurs, try to ignore their insults. However, if worse comes to worse, inform an adult whom you trust immediately and let them know.

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