How to Look Like a J Rocker (for Girls)


  1. Conceal the obvious (breasts, curvy hips, etc).There's a guide on how to look like a guy generally, but this guide will concentrate on the other details that are included there.
  2. Hair-dying:Black would work fine, but it is recommended that you get a lighter color. Stuff you could try would be the half-half style (an entire half of your head as blonde, the other as black or pink, etc) or just bleaching the top layers of your hair, just so you can see the shape.
  3. Hairstyling:Get thick bangs, the thicker the better, and you can either get a blunt cut or have a side part. The bangs should always be pin straight, no matter what the rest of your hair looks like. They should cover a good portion of your face, this usually draws attention away from more feminine features. Keep sides of your hair short, and bring hair from the back of your head to the front if you want to keep your length. Keeping it thinned is recommended.
  4. Makeup:For eyeshadow and eyeliner, stick to gray, black and white. Have white eyeliner to line the inner corner of your eye to make it pop, this is a popular technique with Visual Kei bands. Sheer lip glosses are preferred over lipstick. Basically keep the color on your face to a minimum. Don't use tinted moisturizer as a base for your foundation, your face will look shiny when you need to cam-whore (hog the camera) with your fellow friends.
  5. Eyebrows:Keep eyebrows low and close to the eye. A large space in between the eyebrows and eyes makes one look more feminine. Pluck them into a straight, thin line with no arch, but just going upwards. This is the more trendy way to do the eyebrows now than the tadpole eyebrows, but you can do those too if you want to emulate Shou. An alternative would be shaving your brows off and then drawing them in with powder or pencil, but make sure to keep them groomed regularly, and never use a liquid eyebrow color. The key is to keep them matte, not shiny.
  6. Lips:If you have thin lips, then that's good. If your lips are thicker than you'd like them, you can use stick foundation to cover them up as much as you need to. Nude, uncolored lips help make you look less feminine.
  7. For everyday wear, a loose but not too loose, t-shirt, skinny pants and creepers or boots will suffice.Accessorize with wrist cuffs, arm warmers, studded belts, or a necklace with a large pendant. Alice-inspired motifs, crosses, the Vivienne Westwood orbs are examples of what might work. For jackets, a fitted, slouchy cardigan that's also long, a biker-style jacket from Sexy Dynamite London. It's always endearing when the sleeves cover until almost of all your hand.
  8. Bags:Don't carry a bag out, just put everything in your pockets. But if you must, get a haversack, or a tote bag with a solid shape, and make sure the design is not too girly. You can also get those big bags that are shaped like bunnies or Jack Skellington, then dress that up with fake blood, bandages, and bandannas.
  9. If you are attending a gathering or a show, make sure you bring out all your best garb.Wearing brands like h.Naoto, Sex Pot Revenge, Putumayo or Sexy Dynamite London will always get you attention. Real Vivienne Westwood will make you super popular, but be modest about it.
  10. Play an instrument.If you want to be in a band don't be a vocalist unless you're extremely good at it.

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  • Black lipstick should be avoided unless you are cosplaying or you are skilled with it. Most people look awful with black lips.
  • Hair and clothes are equally important in visual kei, but hair will always win out if one has to be chosen. There's no point in being dressed head-to-toe in Alice Auaa when your hair looks unwashed and limp.
  • Work out.
  • If you are petite, platform creepers or boots are advised. Height makes you look more convincing.
  • Piercings: Get many ear piercings and wear small hoops or studs through them. Keep them all silver and use motifs like skulls or crosses. The earrings that connect to a lip ring are also good.
  • Colored contacts can add to your look. You can invest in red contacts, and the ones that make your irises look bigger are now popular too.
  • Avoid mascara, as this makes you look even more feminine. Fake eyelashes are ok if their purpose it to be flashy and not look pretty.
  • Guys tend to prefer their arm-warmers beginning at the upper arm. Girls prefer to bunch it up around the wrist and lower arms.


  • This is just a guide to help people start out or get some ideas, visual kei is covers a wide range of style. Don't be shy to try anything out.
  • Do your research about any hairstyles, makeup techniques yourself before asking anyone else, especially people over the internet.
  • If someone criticizes your outfit or image, take it into consideration and don't become defensive. People are not ugly and stupid because they thought your shoes didn't match.


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