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washing hair after coloringI have good news – after reading this article hair you will never need to suffer from certain kind of confusion again. What kind of confusion? You know, the one which strikes you right after coloring your hair when you realize that tomorrow there is an important meeting at work or a romantic dinner with your loved one and you feel like you absolutely need to thoroughly wash your dirty and greasy hair but aren’t sure if you’re allowed to. You know, the usual worries like “OMG, the color will fade out immediately if I touch my hair with a shampoo now” or “oh, no, I only have this cheap shampoo, it will screw up my new hair color big time”. If you have found yourself in a situation like this where you are afraid and unsure if and when you can wash your hair because you just got it colored, then read on and find all the answers you need.


Can I Wash My Hair After Coloring?

This is a question which gets asked quite a lot and the opinions differ. The best answer would probably be – yes, you can wash your hair after coloring but in most cases you actually shouldn’t do it.

It may sound as an odd and unsatisfying answer but it makes sense when you think about it. The explanation could go something like this – there is no guarantee that your hair color will fade out even if you wash your hair right after the coloring treatment, however, if you want to be safe and really care about keeping your new tone then you should wait.

Why Should I Wait to Wash Hair After Coloring?

Here’s a simple explanation I just came up with which doesn’t include too many scientific terms – your hair is protected by a layer called the hair cuticle and it controls the appearance of your hair. Hair colors contain substances which open up the cuticle and when the cuticle is open, your hair is more liable to damage and fading. That’s the simple reason why you should wait.

So, if you want your hair to fully absorb the dye, then it is usually suggested to avoid washing it with a shampoo right away but after rinsing you should definitely apply the conditioner which almost always comes with the color kit.

How Soon to Wash Hair After Coloring?

There is no definite answer to this question. 24 hours should be enough in most cases, however, hair care specialists usually suggest to avoid washing hair after coloring for as long as possible – the longer the better.

Want to wash your hair as soon as possible? Check out these shampoos for colored hair!

Additional Tips

  • When washing colored hair definitely look for a shampoo intended for colored hair. There are even some shampoos that are specifically made for certain hair colors and if you can find one for your tone then it’s a keeper.

    This one has proved to be very helpful to make your hair color last longer – Shampoo for Lasting Color.

  • Don’t use hot water when rinsing or washing your colored hair because it will open up the hair cuticle similarly to the chemicals found in hair dye.
  • There are certain colors that usually fade out faster than others. Those who fall in this category are mostly “wild colors”, most notably red and purple.


So, there you go, the question has been answered – in most cases you shouldn’t wash your hair with a shampoo right after coloring it, whether the coloring was done in a salon or at home. It’s because the hair cuticle opens up after dyeing and when it’s open, the color can fade out faster.

However, the first thing you should always do is to read the instructions and see what they say because there are different shampoos and different formulas. If after that you still feel unsure then don’t hesitate and contact your hair stylist right away.



Do you usually wait before washing hair after coloring? We are excited to hear about your personal experience!


Want to wash your hair as soon as possible? Check out these shampoos for colored hair!

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