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Posted by Mark Williams | September 17, 2016


We've known for quite a while that Ford was going to offer a diesel engine in its popular half-ton pickup truck. We just didn't know when or which diesel they would use. Ford's full-size  work van uses a straight-five turbo-diesel engine that many assumed would be a natural fit since it shared two of its gasoline engines with the F-150. But based on these most recent photographs from our spy shooters, the diesel in the 2018 F-150 is more likely to be the smooth-and-torquey V-6 turbo-diesel used by Land Rover. Here's what the photographers had to say:

"We recently caught Ford testing a slew of diesel-powered F-150 prototypes and captured the first engine shots, along with loads of other details to prove it.

"As engineers were going about their work on the F-Series diesel prototypes, details presented themselves to our cameras. We watched as an apparent wiring issue got the attention of several engineers, and they were finally forced to prop open the F-150's hood, revealing the new engine for the first time. The test group was accompanied by a, further supporting the latest evidence that it's the Range Rover's 3.0-liter V-6 turbo-diesel engine that will be put to work in the F-150.

"We also caught the X-TR prototype with its gas door open, revealing Ford's capless fueling system, rendered in the classic green associated with diesel fuel. Closer inspection confirmed that this capless fuel filler was meant for diesel.

"A peek at the F-150's interior also revealed a placard taped to the dashboard that instructed: 'Diesel Fuel Only.' More instructions girls and trucks 2018 detailed the test instrumentation, including which warning would be signaled if the urea level was low or if there were problems with the particulate filters. Finally, we note what looked like an added gauge on the A-pillar, possibly a pyrometer or boost readout. 

"We watched the F-150 diesels hit the roads for test runs, and we confirmed that the models will have stop-start technology, further enhancing their fuel-efficiency. The dash placard also mentioned stop-start.

"Some of the prototypes had the venturi-style exhaust tips, while others had plain exhaust tips. One of the prototypes had noticeable soot deposits just above its non-venturi exhaust tip.

"Dubbed Td6 in the Land Rovers, the 3.0-liter turbo-diesel that will power the F-150 diesels could make around 250 horsepower and a healthy 440 pounds-feet of torque at 1,750 rpm. Of course, we won't know exact figures until its release."

KGP Photography images

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