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Baseball people usually get engaged in the off-season. Kourtney Pogue knew that. So when her boyfriend, Justin Turner, proposed in the middle of 2017 spring training—after a helicopter ride to the edge of the Grand Canyon—it was a complete surprise. Such a grand gesture fit their year: They'd adopted a dog,, hosted a golf tournament... oh, and later, Justin—the Los Angeles Dodgers' third baseman with the powerful bat and wild ginger beard—became an All-Star and co-MVP, and led his team to. Why not cap it off by marrying his dream girl?


"We are yin and yang," Kourtney says of their chemistry. "He's sweet, patient, calm. I'm more of a ballbuster." It's a quality Justin has admired since meeting her in 2012. He was a New York Met; she was a student at UCLA. Besides the obvious sparks, he was dazzled by her intelligence and confident humor. "When we hung out," he says, "hearing her banter with my buddies, I was like, 'Who is this girl?'"


By the end of that season, they were a couple—and soon busy with travel, team events, and charity functions. The packed schedule was why they chose to wed at the, in San José del Cabo on December 9, 2017. "Most of the guys live in L.A. for eight months," says Justin. "To come back in the winter—we thought it should be a mini vacation." dia de los muertos half makeup 2018 Cabo, only a two-and-a-half-hour flight away, fit they wanted.


Guests arrived on Friday and were met with. "We wanted them to have fun and not worry about people taking pictures," says Kourtney." Just relaxation and good food." And, of course, great music. "Kourtney handpicked every song," Justin says, "from on the beach to Sunday brunch."


It was of surprises—including Dodger announcer (and former pitcher) Orel Hershiser officiating the ceremony on the steps of the Palmilla's historic chapel, and Kourtney pressing a giant button from the dance floor to start the. But the biggest thrill? Seeing their friends and loved ones celebrating together. "Your childhood best friend chatting with a college buddy... a baseball friend posing with your grandma... it was crazy," says Kourtney. Justin agrees: "It was so much fun, from start to finish."


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