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Fashion blogger Aimee Song of Style wears Self-Portrait sequence dress in Paris

Fashion blogger Aimee Song of Song of Style at Paris Fashion Week in Rixo LondonProm dresses are everywhere and prom season is underway. With all the dresses, I can’t help but remember my prom and thought Team SOS and I would share our prom experiences and prom dress ideas. Personally, I remember I was AIM-ing (tbt) a college guy thinking I would end up going with him, BUT I forgot I committed to go with a friend the year prior. I was heartbroken to not go with the college guy. So I said I would at least look like Belle from Beauty and the Beast and wore a yellow dress that I regret (Guys, I cringe when I think about it). Back then, there weren’t a lot of options for prom dresses and everyone went to the mall to get them. Now there are endless options online and in store. To save you from my mistake of having a dress you regret, I have selected dresses that you won’t look back on and say, “What was I thinking?!” And they can be re-worn to parties and weddings.

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares prom dress ideas to rewear.: I was a dork in high school (AP student and choir president) and ended up going to my high school boyfriend’s prom and mine. He went to another school and it was fun because everyone was so sweet to me and nobody knew I was dorky. I didn’t really care for my school’s prom because I didn’t like the people in my grade and I felt disconnected to the school itself. But I don’t regret my dress. I wore a  silk bridesmaids dress (when they had a bridal shop) with a blush beaded sash from to both proms. I still look back and remember how beautiful I felt, even if half my grade didn’t know my name.

Aimee Song, fashion blogger of Song of Style, shares prom dress ideas to rewear.: I went to two proms, one was mine and one was my friend’s. My prom I was asked to by a friend, but I wanted to go with someone else and didn’t want to reject my friend. I felt sooo bad! I think my first prom I was so confused as to what to wear. I ended up looking like bride in a wedding gown but it was a handmade dress. My second prom, which was to my friend’s, I really liked the fit of my dress because it was tighter, but I wouldn’t go for the teal again. I think if I could do it over, I would go for a long dress that has a slit to show some leg. Also, I would stick with a muted toned dress.

: Well, I’m from Hong Kong and we don’t have proms. When we graduate, we go to a graduation dinner at a hotel with our classmates and teachers. But nobody dances. Since prom dresses aren’t a thing there, I went to the dinner in a dress from Zara. If I actually had a prom I think I would have worn a simple slip dress similar to a. Something timeless that I wouldn’t have regretted in 5 years.

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