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Looking for more real Christmas spirit in the world? Become the change you want to see by joining us in helping children and families celebrate this holiday season with the timeless tradition of a Christmas tree.

The Christmas Tree Project is the place where you can fire the imaginations best xmas tree decorations 2018 of adults and children alike by gifting them a fully decorated Christmas tree. Together, with your inspiration, love and help, we will make Christmas dreams come true tree for a child this year… by gifting them a Christmas tree through the Christmas Tree Project.   

It is possible to light the world with smiles from children and their families alike through your gift of a Christmas tree!

To ​understand why we started the Christmas Tree Project and why we keep it going, click to take a look a the tree requests and thanks you's we receive.  Take a look at the CBS News story.


David Fein and his granddaughter Rose explain the Christmas Tree Project

Our Mission
Our mission is to give away fully decorated Christmas trees to families in need.  The focus and heart of this project remains the thousands of families who cannot afford a tree and are touched, some to the point of tears, when they receive one as a gift. 

How it all Began
In November 2010 my wife Michelle and I gave away one Christmas tree on Craig's list.  We had no idea how many families needed a tree and what a Christmas tree really meant to people.  Over the past four years The Christmas Tree Project  has given away over 2,000 trees

What Cities Do We Serve?
Although we are in Colorado Springs and much of our efforts are still in Colorado Springs and Denver, we have head elves in Denver, Reno and Los Angeles, and are now coast-to-coast. We give away trees (when possible) to families all over the US.  We gave away a tree in Nairobi and this year are sponsoring a Christmas feast in a refugee village in Uganda.

Wounded Vet Programs
We have met so many wounded vets who have requested trees over the years we are working on a number of programs (outside the Christmas Tree Project) to support wounded vets.  If you are interested in knowing more or helping, email us

In the News...
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“Thank you so much!  To all the people and organizations that made
our Christmas tree possible.  We thank you.  Words cannot express
how a true Christmas miracle was actually made real!"
"Maybe there is hope for the human race." 
"Our three year old kept asking me "when will Santa bring us our Christmas
tree with lights" as we drove past house after house -all sporting twinkling
trees in the window. YOU helped my heart stop breaking.  You truly get
Christmas.  Thank you!  (times a million)."

There are four simple ways you can
​become an elf and help us...

#1: Donate  
In 2017 we received over 2,300 requests from around the country (and one from Karachi Pakistan). We need cash donations to get more trees and decorations to more families... and we only have a week to do it!  Will you help brighten a families Christmas with a tree in 2018? 

#2: Help us Expand
We are looking for both local and national organizations we can partner with to expand The Christmas Tree Project around the country and around the world in 2018.  We need a national organization to help us collect trees and ornaments and locate those that need trees in cities around the US.

#3: Contribute to "The Christmas Tree Project Book"
We have heard hundreds of stories about what a Christmas tree means to people.  Christmas trees are a powerful symbol and have have deep meaning, which we want to capture in a book.  We are creating the "What a Christmas Tree Means to Me" book and need your help.   We want to know what a Christmas tree means to you, please take a few minutes and tell us.

#4: Join Our Elf Mailing List
The Christmas Tree Project is involved in many exciting activities and the best way keep informed, get engaged, and share in the magic we are creating is to be on our elf mailing list, join today. 

Email:   Phone: 719-799-6070   
Do NOT email us to request a tree, click the "Request a Tree" link above!
Colorado Springs, Colorado Elf Operations in Colorado Springs, Denver, Reno and Los Angeles
Copyright 2010-2018 The Christmas Tree Project, LLC

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